How to Make a Tornado in the Classroom?

Answer The tornado-in-a-bottle experiment is a classic in science classes when looking to interest your students in earth science, the science of weather or basic physics. Assist your students in setting ... Read More »

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Tornado Classroom Experiments?

Under the right conditions, the interaction between warm, moist air and colder, dryer air can produce a tornado: a mostly unpredictable and destructive force of nature. In classroom experiments, st... Read More »

How does a vacuum cleaner simulate a tornado How is it like a real tornado?

A Vacuum Cleaner is similar to a tornado because a vacuum cleaner sucks things up as does a tornado. Some people might say a tornado is God's vacuum cleaner.

How to Make a Tornado Using Dry Ice?

Ever wanted to make a tornado without killing any one? Here is the article for you!

How to Make a Miniature Tornado With Air?

One of the more classic science fair projects for kids to create is to demonstrate the properties of a tornado using nothing more than water, air and two soda bottles. The process of creating the t... Read More »