How to Make a Tilting Front End for a Street Rod?

Answer Front tilt hoods are usually only seen at car shows. The entire front of the car – fenders, grill, headlights and all the rest – tilts forward so the grill is parallel to the ground in front of... Read More »

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Can a child ride on the front of a street bike?

No, unless you want to scrape up the whats left of the child from the street in an emergency.

How to Stop Tilting in Poker?

Going on Tilt in poker is when a player gets so emotionally frustrated that he begins making poor decisions that he would not otherwise make. This is something non-poker players may not understand,... Read More »

Why do people walk in front of your car, in the middle of the street, and not look at you?

Most pedestrians believe that they have the right of way in most situations. The truth is that most of the time,they don't. Believe it or not, jaywalking is still against the law almost everywhere ... Read More »

Why don't LCD tv have tilting stands?

Because manufacturers do not believe that the consumers are willing to pay for them.