How to Make a Tetherball Court?

Answer Tetherball is a fun pastime that will get you active and is easy to play. It's also great for both one-on-one, and team play to boot. Making your own tetherball court in your backyard can be easily... Read More »

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How tall does a tetherball need to be?

A tetherball pole should be 12 feet tall, with at least 2 feet of the pole embedded into the ground to provide stability, for a total height of 10 feet. A sturdy tetherball pole should be at least... Read More »

How to Play Tetherball?

playing tetherballTetherball is a game for two opposing players. The equipment consists of a 10 ft (3 m), stationary metal pole, from which is hung a ball from a rope, or tether. This game was made... Read More »

Who invented tetherball?

No definitive answer exists for who invited tetherball. One theory is that tetherball stems from the practice of ancient Tatars who tied the decapitated heads of enemies to a pole. Other theories i... Read More »

How to Excel at Tetherball?

Tetherball is a very common playground game. Although many take the approach of just hitting the ball as hard as they can, there should be some amount of strategy put in to this seemingly simple ga... Read More »