How to Make a Tech Deck Mini Ramp?

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How to Make a Tech Deck Tabletop Ramp?

This wikiHow will teach you how to make a tech deck tabletop ramp, which you can use for doing tricks and grinds.

How to Make a Clay Tech Deck Ramp?

An average tech deckMost people like to buy ramps for tech decks for an extra push with tricks.Well This article can help you make a homemade one.

How to Make a Simple Ramp for Your Tech Deck?

how to make a tech deck quarter pipe for under $1.00

How to Do Ramp Tricks on a Tech Deck?

A tech deck is a small skateboard that is only 96 mm long so you can play it with your fingers. Master the ollie, nollie, shovit and kickflip. Then, purchase a tech deck ramp.