How to Make a Suzuki Box Violin?

Answer Beginning Suzuki violin students are often asked to start with a "box violin," a cardboard instrument analogue that allows students to master basic techniques independently of the instrument before... Read More »

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Suzuki Violin Methods?

The Suzuki violin method was created by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. He employed very different techniques than traditional instrument instruction. His idea was to introduce music to children at a very you... Read More »

How does a violin make music?

The violin is a stringed instrument primarily used for orchestral or country music. The violin is a complex instrument and fine craftsmanship is essential in producing a quality sound from the ins... Read More »

How to Make Violin Polish?

Violin polish helps you keep your violin, fiddle or similar instrument in tip-top shape. It nourishes the wood and lubricates the areas near the strings and tuners. This keeps your violin sounding ... Read More »

Materials Used to Make a Violin?

To the casual observer, a violin is made of wood and a few metal parts, including the strings. However, this is just a small part of its makeup. There is a world of difference in woods and strings... Read More »