How to Make a Sprite and Dr Pepper Drink?

Answer Do you like the tastes of Sprite and Doctor Pepper? Find out how to make this interesting shake, by following the directions in this article.

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What drink is your fav. dr pepper or coke or mt. dew or sprite or water?

I love Dr. Pepper, actually Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. Get that wonderful taste of Dr. Pepper with a splash of cherry followed by a yummy in the tummy vanilla taste. About the only soda I drin... Read More »

How do I make this drink I tried once. I think it had sprite, punch, and vanilla extract in it?

Idk what that is but here is a punch recipe:I carton of sherbert ice cream (like the medium size one by dreyers or something)1 ginger ale or spirtePour all the sprite or ginger ale in a bowl, howev... Read More »

Is sprite much better for you than dr pepper?

It's not necessarily better for you, but I think changing your habits would be easier if you changed to something similar, like sprite, and then to water.I think it's a good plan, just make sure yo... Read More »

Dr Pepper Or Sprite?

Dr. Pepper. I've been in Italy for the last month, and there is no Dr. Pepper! I'm craving it!!