How to Make a Spiral Box Braid?

Answer The box stitch is a craft lacing weave which yields a square-shaped stitch with a checkerboard pattern when laces of two different colors are used. A barrel braid is created by tying a starter box ... Read More »

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How to Make a Spiral?

This is how to make a spiral. This is a design that has been around for eons and looks really cool anywhere it's drawn.

How to Make a Spiral Template?

If you need an easy, quick template for a spiral design, then make one out of cardboard. You can use any cardboard box that is around your house -- an old packing box, a shoebox or a grocery store ... Read More »

How to Make a Chinese Spiral?

Chinese spirals are one of the most beautiful things to hang up as decorations by the window, door, or even outside on the porch. Spice up your home or workplace with this nifty craft.

How to Make a Spiral Bracelet?

A spiral bracelet looks great and is easy to make (before starting it is easiest to know the box first)