How to Make a Song Sound Live in Audacity?

Answer Audacity's logoDon't you hate it when you have to buy some soundtracks for live songs? Or maybe go to concerts for hundreds of dollars when you can download a software free on the internet that can... Read More »

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How to Record a Song With Audacity?

This article is for Audacity 1.2.6 or laterAudacity is a free recording program capable of a lot of things. You can do anything from recording a song to recording lines for a cartoon.If you've writ... Read More »

How to Record a Rap Song on Audacity?

Home recording technology is readily available, for very low prices. Much of the technology you need to record a rap song is even available for free. Audacity is a free software program that allows... Read More »

How to Put a Song From Windows Media Player Onto Audacity?

Importing a song from Windows Media Player into Audacity is really just a matter of finding the actual location of the file. Windows Media Player's Library makes it look like all your song files ar... Read More »

How to Make a Song Sound Like the Chipmunks?

The chipmunks are a very famous band of animals that sing in a very high pitched voice, and if you ever wanted to hear a song dubbed by the chipmunks, this is the way to go.