How to Make a Soda/Coke Float?

Answer Have you ever heard people talking about soda/coke floats.If you want to make one read on if you don't go and read something else.

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How to Make an Egg Float?

Do you know how to float eggs? This article will show you how to float eggs.

How do you make a rootbeer float?

It is a very complicated two step process:Step one - pour root beer into cup. I like Mug brand root beer, personally.Step two - scoop a big scoop of vanilla icecream into the cupHmmm... not so com... Read More »

How to Make a Solution That Would Float an Egg?

An uncooked egg sinks in a jug of tap water because eggs are denser than water. However, the same egg will float in a jug containing salt solution. This happens because the addition of salt to wate... Read More »

How to Make a Cocktail Float?

In the dog days of summer, what could be better than a cool, refreshing cocktail? A cocktail with ice cream in it, that's what.