How to Make a Snow Roof Rake?

Answer In areas with heavy snowfall, accumulation on a roof can be a dangerous occurrence. Many roofs have collapsed from the weight of snow, causing injuries and even deaths. As such, regular raking is c... Read More »

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How to Remove Snow from a Roof Using a Roof Rake?

Snow removal from your roof can be made a little easier by using a roof rake. Remove snow without even leaving the ground! All while avoiding costly interior leaking that results from ice dams that... Read More »

Can you attach snow guards to a rubber roof?

Yes, you can attach snow guards to rubber roofs. Snow guard manufacturers have a few different models for a range of applications. These include nearly all roof types and and pitches. You will just... Read More »

How do you install snow catchers on a metal roof?

Snow catchers prevent snow from sliding off metal roofs. The weight of the falling snow can cause damage to property, such as landscaping under the roof. This is especially important above sidewalk... Read More »

Roof Snow/Ice Removal Techniques & Procedures?

The first snow of the winter is feathery, but as winter wears on, every snow storm can become a weighty issue. Snow can stress roofs, but more likely does its damage as it melts and refreezes over ... Read More »