How to Make a Small Bun on Your Head?

Answer A small hair bun helps women to keep hair up and off their face and neck. A hair bun can look professional in the workplace and it keeps you cool in the summertime when the weather is hot and humid... Read More »

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Ok. Here is what you do. You take your shampoo that you use regularly and you mix in ground up vitamin tablets, and Miracle Grow. You shake the bottle up really good and massage it into your scalp... Read More »

How can you modify headphones to fit a small head?

The headphones play a metronome tone which helps the drummer keep in rhythm. Also, to keep the band on beat, the drummer has the headphones to hear his band playing to stay in beat. It is the drumm... Read More »

My mom got hit in the head with a small rock- should we take her to the hospital HELP?

If it seems bad take her to the hospital,but its up to you to choose money or life.seems simple to me

What Cartoon character has a small head?

I wonder that too my little bro loves that show! I feel so bad for him! :(