How to Make a Sling for a Horse?

Answer A sling is a supportive harness that keeps an animal in a standing position. According to animal clinic Homestead Veterinary, one of the earliest known uses of horse slings was by Spanish explorers... Read More »

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Difference between an arm sling and an elevation sling?

An arm sling usually just support the arm in a neutral posisition , while an elevation sling supports the arm and keep it elevated above the heart leve to reduce swelling and pain. You would also y... Read More »

How to Make a Sling?

The sling is an ancient weapon used in every corner of the globe. They can be easily made with household materials. It is an instinctive skill honed only by practice. General use comes fairly easy,... Read More »

How to Make a Dog Sling?

A sling serves the purpose of immobilizing a dog's foreleg, preventing the dog from placing weight on the limb after an injury or fracture. A Velpeau sling is one of the most common types of veteri... Read More »

How to Make a Mei Tai Sling?

A mei tai is a baby carrier, a sling that can be customized to fit any baby carried by any adult. It’s basically a rectangle of fabric that forms a sling seat for the baby attached to four long t... Read More »