How to Make a Skull Carved From Soap for the Day of the Dead?

Answer The Mexican Day of the Dead takes place over the first and second days of November. A time to commemorate the lives of the dead, the holiday corresponds to Halloween, the Catholic All Saints' Day a... Read More »

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How to Make Carved Hair Sticks?

Create a custom pair of hair sticks with squiggly, wavy or loopy carvings throughout the length of each stick. Add a light coat of stain to the sticks when you are finished to maintain the natural ... Read More »

Recipe for How to Make Glycerin Soap With Liquid Soap?

Glycerin is a thick liquid that has no smell or color and is commonly used in household and bath products. Glycerin is also used in some foods as a filler or thickening agent and has a slightly swe... Read More »

How to Make Liquid Soap From Leftover Bar Soap Slivers?

Your bar soap will always whittle its way down to an unusable size. But simply throwing away those little morsels of soap is seriously wasteful. Instead, you can horde the little slivers as they we... Read More »

How to Make Liquid Soap from Soap Leftovers?

Making your own liquid soap by using up the soap leftovers has to be one of the ultimate frugal means for stretching resources! The resulting liquid soap is a delight and the mixture of soap scents... Read More »