How to Make a Silencer for a Crosman Quest?

Answer A gun suppressor, commonly known as a silencer, muffles the sound that a weapon makes when it is fired. You can make a silencer for a Crosman Quest airsoft-brand rifle that will effectively render ... Read More »

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Difference between Baffle type silencer and packed silencer for 2 stroke engine/engines in general?

The difference is just what it says. Baffle silencers use baffles to re-direct sound waves to cancel each other out and reduce noise. A packed silencer uses material such as fiberglass mat or steel... Read More »

How to Make a BB Gun Silencer?

Do this at your own risk! The ATF has put people in prison before for making Airgun silencers. If someone at the ATF can manage to make it work on a real gun, i.e a .22 rifle, your Airgun silencer ... Read More »

How to Make an Airsoft Silencer?

A silencer's main purpose on a gun is to make it sound like something else. This article will teach you how to make it more quiet and make it sound like something else for airsoft guns.

How to Make a Spud Gun Silencer?

The principles behind the spud gun silencer are the same as those used in silencers for real guns. The noise from a shot comes from the sudden expulsion of the high-pressure gases built up behind t... Read More »