How to Make a Sideways Smiley?

Answer A "sideways smiley" is an example of an "emoticon" (a word that is a combination of the words "emotion" and "icon"). An emoticon is a text-based representation of a facial expression that is used t... Read More »

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How to Make a Sideways Room?

Creating this room in your home will make you the envy of all your friends! If you do not have a room inside for this project, you might clean out your garage and dedicate a section there, or build... Read More »

How to Make Anime Girls Sideways?

Drawing a side profile of a female anime character is generally more challenging than drawing a front view. Many beginning artists struggle with finding a process to make the face and body look rig... Read More »

How to Make a Mad Face Smiley?

When chatting online or sending a text to a friend, you might want to express your angst without having to type out the words, "I'm mad!" With smileys, also called "emoticons," you can make a mad f... Read More »

How do you make those little symbols like the smiley and hearts like I Have?

Alt + 1 = ☺Alt + 2 = ☻Alt + 3 = ♥Alt + 4 = ♦Alt + 15 = ☼I coudn't find one for stars. ☆ ★ (i copied and pasted these)Make sure you have num lock on and use the number pad. :)