How to Make a Shoelace?

Answer The standard look of a sneaker requires only a basic pair of shoelaces, but for a few pennies you can make a shoelace that is colorful and trendy to let your feet stand out in a crowd. Before you b... Read More »

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How to Make a Shoelace Aglet?

An aglet is that clear thing on the end of your shoelace... did it fall off? Here's how to make a new one!

How to Make a Shoelace "Cool"?

SO you have a left over shoelace and don't know what to do with it?Try these ideas to stand out and be "rockin" a shoelace wherever you go.

How to Make a Shoelace Ringpull Necklace?

In these times of recession and hardship, pearls and diamonds are harder to come by. Fashion is only what we make it, and today we're going to make a Shoelace-Ringpull Necklace.

How to Change a Shoelace?

Shoelaces are essential to the form and the structure of sneakers and oxfords. Shoelaces have a tendency to get dirty and they need changing. You can change your shoelaces to personalize your shoe ... Read More »