How to Make a Sheet Metal Press Brake?

Answer Sheet metal is used for car auto bodies, building truck beds, and other odds and ends around the house or yard. If you are a part-time or "recreational" metal worker, you may not have or have acces... Read More »

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How to Make a Metal Brake for a Hydraulic Press?

A brake in metal fabrication is a tool that bends metal sharply, creating a crease. There are many kinds of brakes. The simplest hydraulic brake bends flat stock to an 90-degree angle, like many sh... Read More »

How to Make Sheet Metal Look Bronzed?

Bronze is used to give a classic look to decoration. Bronze is also expensive, making it a bit of a status symbol. You can save yourself money by making an inexpensive piece of sheet metal a decora... Read More »

How do I make ornamental sheet metal?

Trace a pattern or template onto your sheet metal with a marker. Alternately, you can draw a shape freehand. Use tin snips to cut out the shape. Punch rows of holes, if desired, to add details. Pla... Read More »

How Much Do Sheet Metal Workers Make Per Hour?

Sheet metal is a common type of material used in construction and manufacturing to create things like ducts for heating and air conditioning systems, siding and cutters. Sheet metal workers fabrica... Read More »