How to Make a Sheepskin Vest?

Answer Sheepskins make warm and stylish vests. Whether you use real or faux sheepskin, you can create a fashionable open vest using a simple purchased pattern. You won't have to worry about hemming any ed... Read More »

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How to Make a Sheepskin Hat?

Stay warm and toasty this winter with a sheepskin hat. You lose a surprising amount of body heat through your head, which makes hats essential to beat the chill during the winter. A sheepskin hat i... Read More »

How to Make Sheepskin Mittens?

Creating sheepskin mittens is a fashionable way to keep your hands warm during the winter weather. These mittens can be created in a variety of sizes and designs, depending on the pattern you choos... Read More »

How to Make Sheepskin Booties?

Booties are the preferred way to cover a baby's feet when they are too little to walk. Creating sheepskin booties is an effective way to keep the child's feet warm during cold seasons. By using one... Read More »

Are sheep slaughtered to make sheepskin rugs?

Sheepskin rugs are made from the skin and wool of sheep. The sheep are slaughtered and the pelt skin is tanned. Sheepskin rugs are very soft and durable. They are usually sold at a high price due t... Read More »