How to Make a Shampoo Dispenser?

Answer Shampoo dispensers come in a variety of styles, including wall-mounted dispensers and motion-activated dispensers. You can make your own simple shampoo pump dispenser at home using old soap bottles... Read More »

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Is there an inexpensive way to convert my refrigerator's water dispenser to a beer dispenser?

Having suffered from trying to use kegs packaged at sea level in the high high city, umm, I well, I don't really have any useful experience, but that won't stop me from commenting.What you're going... Read More »

How to Make a Gumball Dispenser?

Nothing is more exciting for a child than placing a quarter into a gumball machine and waiting for the sweet treat to ascend into his waiting hand. A look-alike gumball dispenser can be fashioned w... Read More »

How to Make a Dog (or Cat) Treat Dispenser?

Many containers in our homes can make an easy pet treat dispenser. Add a clicker or a little bell, and your pet will immediately know that good things are coming.

How to Make a Tape Dispenser Elephant?

This elephant is fun, cute, easy to make, and is great for all those zoo lovers! When I show my friends my tape elephant, they say" How clever!" Tape elephants also make cute party favors.