How to Make a Sepia Photo From Black & White?

Answer The warm, brown hues of a sepia photograph give it a sense of timelessness. In the early days of the medium, photographers used a pigment from the cuttlefish (scientific name Sepia) to preserve the... Read More »

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How to Sepia Tone a Black and White Print?

Have you ever wanted to make a picture look old-timey? Did you ever want to give the print you made a special touch? Well now you can!

If you scan a colour photo, can you make it black and white?

Yeah, easily. You should be able to find a setting in your scanning program to scan in black and white, and if not then any image program will have an option to set to gray scale in the menus under... Read More »

How do you convert a color photo to beautiful black and white photo?

Zoom. It's the amount of times it can make something bigger like 2x or 5x, the higher the number the more it can zoom in.There are 2 types of Zoom: Optical and Digital.Optical Zoom is more importan... Read More »

What is a sepia photo?

Sepia toning is a print procedure that enables photographs to have a significantly warmer appearance. This procedure uses chemicals to transform the print's silver color into a sulfide compound, wh... Read More »