How to Make a Sculpture in Wii's "My Sims"?

Answer Many of the characters in "My Sims" for the Nintendo Wii ask you to build objects or complete other tasks. One of the tasks Sir Vincent Skullfinder asks you is to make sculptures. He wants two scul... Read More »

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"Sims 3": How to Make Sims Older Like a Toddler?

Rather than allow the older Sims to dislike a toddler, instruct the older Sim to develop a relationship. To develop a positive relationship with a toddler, the older Sim needs to interact in a more... Read More »

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Are wiis restocked every week?

The answer my friend is NO.As you know the most demanded console right now is the Nintendo Wii. It is in very very short supply all around the world. I'll give you several articles to prove this. C... Read More »