How to Make a Sculptor's Mold?

Answer A sculptor's mold is used to create products in series and is made based on a prototype. You can manufacture the mold using plaster or rubber. Plaster, commonly used by potters and sculptors, is th... Read More »

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How to Make Realistic Looking Fangs Without Having to Make a Mold of Your Teeth?

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How to Make an RTV Mold?

You can make an RTV mold right from your home using urethane RTV molding rubber as the main ingredient. A mold is used to cast an object in order to replicate it. Making an RTV mold allows you to r... Read More »

How to Make a Key Mold?

A key mold is used to make a copy of a key by pouring a liquid that will harden, like silicone, into a form in the shape of the key to be copied. You can make a key mold to copy simple keys with te... Read More »