How to Make a School Lunch?

Answer Are you eating rubbish all day long, and finally it's lunchtime and you want to love it? Follow this guide.

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How to Make Conconctions at School Lunch?

Are you and your friend SO bored at lunch and have NOTHING to talk about? This is EXTREMELY fun to do, but risky. You don't want the teachers on lunch duty to catch you. READ ON FOOL!

How to Make a Great Lunch in High School?

Many people have a problem with getting a proper balanced meal, given their hectic schedule. It's too expensive to eat out everyday, and its tricky choosing the proper food to eat, given the limite... Read More »

How to Sit Alone at Lunch in School?

Are you new in school and have no one to sit next to. It sucks, right? Well, there are ways to sit at lunch alone and not look like a loser. But don't do it the whole year. Only do it for a week or... Read More »

Do you eat school lunch?

I did for years, mainly sandwiches daily.Dune