How to Make a Scarf Using Yarn & Sticky Paper?

Answer The popular rag style scarves made with multicolored yarns are easy to make yourself. You can buy yarn for the project, or save money by collecting bits of yarn and ribbon or fabric strips until yo... Read More »

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How to Make Fake Chenille Using Yarn?

Chenille is a fabric with a short pile, giving it a plush feel. Chenille yarn is manufactured by twisting short fibers called the "pile," between two plies of yarn. Chenille fabric can be purchased... Read More »

Can you get sticky backed inkjet printer paper ?

How to Make a Fan Using Paper?

It is SUCH a hot day and you need a fan but, you can't find it. I can TEACH you how to do it!

How to Make a City Using Paper?

You've probably heard of creating a "city" on your computer. But you can also create one using paper!