How to Make a Sarah Palin Hairdo?

Answer Sarah Palin arrived on the presidential campaign scene with style, distinguishing herself with her hairdo. Although her updos are often popular with the younger set, many older people mistakenly th... Read More »

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How can David Letterman make unfunny cracks about Sarah Palin's daughter when he got a woman pregnant out of wedlock at age 56 Who is more stupid an 18 yr old or a 56 yr old?

Because he is brilliant while Sara is a dolt. And btw you should know Sara's daughter had an abortion last year.

How to Look Like Sarah Palin?

The 2008 Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States of America has gotten a lot of media attention, not only for her stance on political issues, but also because of her distinct a... Read More »

Where did Sarah Palin get her flag pin?

Steal the Style's team member Kim has shared several places at which you can purchase a pin like Sarah Palin's. They range in prince from $9.99 for a simple rhinestone replica to $995 for an 18-car... Read More »

How do I pronounce Sarah Palin's last name?

Say "pay-lynn," as if you were telling someone to pay someone named Lynn. Put the accent on the first syllable: PAY-lynn.Source:Sunny In LA on Posterous: How to Pronounce Sarah Palin's Name