How to Make a Rubberband Powered Cardboard Car?

Answer The rubber band-powered model car is a favorite home craft project and a staple in Physics classrooms. The construction can be fun for children and adults alike, and it makes an excellent toy for c... Read More »

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How to Make a Rubberband Powered Toy Car?

It is easy to make a rubber band powered toy car. All it takes is a few items that may already be taking up space in a junk drawer.

How to Make a Rubberband Airsoft Gun?

Want to make a BB gun using a pen and a rubberband? well try this easy to make BB gun. It goes pretty far and gives off a little sting. Its perfect for a get out and shoot gun and is pocket sized!

How to Make a Rubberband Recurve Bow?

Ever wanted to do an office war with your friends but had no weapon? This amazing modified paperclip bow is the weapon for you. Not only does it performs about 10 times better than normal paperclip... Read More »

How to Make a Braided Rubberband Up-Do?

This well-braided bun is a flirty up-do that can be worn to parties, date nights and even work. While it is optimal to have wavy hair for this up-do, it works just as well with hair that is made wa... Read More »