How to Make a Rose From a Watermelon?

Answer Watermelon is a popular fruit for garnishes and food carving because it is easy to cut and its contrasting colors from green, white, pink and red can make whatever you cut into the watermelon look ... Read More »

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Does seedless watermelon taste different from regular watermelon?

AnswerI don't think so, no.  AnswerSince seedless watermelons are highly hybridised I prefer the taste of the older varieties that preceded the need to breed for transportation purposes and other ... Read More »

How to Make a Rose From a Necktie?

Raid most men's closets and it’s almost inevitable that you will find a rogue tie or two. There are ties that men wear and ties that men keep because they don’t know what else to do with them. ... Read More »

How many rose petals does it take to make 16 ounces of rose oil?

It takes 2,000 lbs of rose petals to make 16 oz. of rose oil.Source:Herbs 'n Oils: Rose Oil

How to Make Perfume From Rose Hips?

Making perfume from flowers is a natural way to harness the beauty of nature into a bottle. Man has been making fragrances since the beginning of time using the heavenly scents found in the world a... Read More »