How to Make a Robot Prototype for Kids?

Answer A simple robot prototype for kids should be crafted out of clay. Most early models or prototypes of automobiles are made from clay. According to Ward's Auto World, Harley J. Earl began the use of c... Read More »

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How to Make a Robot in "Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction"?

"Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction" is an arena combat PC game based on the British TV show 'Robot Wars'. It features customizable robots that engage in destructive combat until only the victor remai... Read More »

How to Build a Robot from Scratch for Kids?

Robots are a classic of our technology culture, making them the subject of countless films, cartoons and children's television shows. Purchasing commercially available, animatronic robots is a bit ... Read More »

What was the kids tv show about boy his best friend robot 80's or 90's?

What show was it that had a dinosaur robot in the destert with a group of kids. I have no idea but I watched it years ago. I do not know the name. Do you know what the name is?

The show I think you are looking for is zoids chaotic cenctorie. (not a good speller)