How to Make a Remix?

Answer In this modern age of digital music, affordable editing software and consumer computers put what used to be the power of a million-dollar recording studio in literally the palm of your hand. Hence,... Read More »

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How to Make a DJ Remix?

Making a DJ remix requires a thorough understanding of musical notation and computer audio recording programs. A remix is constructed in two ways: by combining parts from one artist's material with... Read More »

How to Make a Comedic Remix to a Song?

note: this is not a joke topic. This is something to do when your bored or want to make some new friends. Plus its super fun

How to Make Your Own MP3 Ringtones for the Kyocera Slider Remix?

If you have one of these phones, you have surely realized that the only MP3 ringtones that work are the ones you pay for. Well, guess what? That doesn't need to happen any more! You can make your o... Read More »

Youtube. If I make a video, post it on youtube to make profit (partnership, etc). Can I have a remix of a song?

It might help if you understand that the composition has copyright and each and every recording of a performance of that composition has its OWN copyright, owned by the producer or performers. A re... Read More »