How to Make a Radar Gun?

Answer A radar gun can come in handy when you want to track the speed of an approaching car or how fast your son is pitching a baseball. A toy radar gun using Doppler radar does not have the power or effi... Read More »

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What does the OPP use for a radar gun?

The Ontario Provincial Police in Ontario, Canada, use a radar gun called the Steath II, manufactured by Stealth Micro Systems. It has a much higher capture rate, which allows police to nab more spe... Read More »

When was radar first used?

Humans first used radar early in the 20th century. The German Telemobiloskop, otherwise known as a Remote Object Viewing Device, was patented in 1904. The device was designed to prevent ships from ... Read More »

What is a radar man in the us navy?

FC's and ET's work on naval radar systems.

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is a device that identifies the radar signals police use to measure the speed of cars. When it detects such signals, it beeps or issues some other alarm, so that a speeding driver ... Read More »