How to Make a Pyramid Look Real for a Project?

Answer The ancient Egyptians spent as much of their lives preparing for death as they did performing their trade or station in life. They believed that death was simply another part of life and that you h... Read More »

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How to Make a Pyramid Out of Sugar Cubes for a School Project?

Creating a pyramid out of sugar cubes is a classic project for kids who are learning about ancient Egypt in school. Just as the ancient Egyptians built pyramids by stacking stones, kids will enjoy ... Read More »

How to Build a Pyramid Project?

The Pennsylvania State University website points out that the Aztecs, Mayans and ancient Egyptians all built pyramids.The step-pyramid of King Djoser, an early pharaoh of Egypt, was the first build... Read More »

How do I Construct a Pyramid for a Child's Project?

Pyramids were built by many different cultures across the world at various times. Pyramidal structures have been found in Greece, North Africa, Asia and the Americas. The most famous pyramids were ... Read More »

Egyptian Pyramid Project Instructions?

Egyptian pyramids evolved from the early step-pyramids--tombs made of flat layers called mastabas that look like staircases when stacked with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on top. Step... Read More »