How to Make a Pro Forma Income Statement?

Answer When you think of a pro forma income statement, think of it as a "what if?" What if the company's sales grow by 10%? What if business expenses can be reduced 5%? Pro forma income statements are pro... Read More »

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What does a pro forma income statement look like?

Businesses project future income and company growth using a tool known as a pro forma income statement. While there is no standard format for a pro forma income statement, they typically include de... Read More »

What is a pro forma financial statement?

Pro forma financial statements are future projections made by management based on different variables. The variables chosen are dependent on how management either sees the future or wishes the futu... Read More »

Definition of a Pro Forma Statement?

Business owners and business managers are often required to produce pro forma statements. Standard financial statements communicate historical financial results. Pro forma statements communicate e... Read More »

Is income Tax Payable on income statement?

No. Income taxes payable is a liability and would show up on the balance sheet (although it might not have its own caption depending on how material the number is compared to the rest of the Compan... Read More »