How to Make a Princess Peach Costume?

Answer Princess Peach is a fairly basic costume. For the most part you are dressing as a standard princess, but just want to make sure you get the details of the costume right so people can tell who you a... Read More »

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How to Make a Princess Peach Crown?

Trying to find a Princess Peach crown on Amazon or eBay is a hassle. Instead of buying one, why not make one? It's fun, easy, and doesn't cost much.

Do you like princess peach or princess daisy more?

I like Princess Daisy more because she seems less stuck up the Peach. You can tell that Peach is a very proper prissy kind of girl, when Daisy is less afraid to get her hands dirty and act almost i... Read More »

How to Make a Princess Costume?

Is Halloween coming up and you or someone you know wants to dress up as a princess but you don't want to buy those tacky costumes from the store? Follow this guide to make the best princess costume... Read More »

How to Make an Outdoor Princess Costume?

Princess costumes are pleasing to girls of all ages. With Halloween comes the perfect opportunity to dress up in royal garb. By the end of October, many regions experience cold weather, which can c... Read More »