How to Make a Pole Bean and Pea Tower?

Answer Pole bean and some pea varieties require a support system to climb up. Though any type of trellis provides a suitable support, a bean tower takes up minimal space. The tower provides three sides to... Read More »

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How to Make a Pole Bean Trellis?

Pole bean trellising is a method of keeping beans off of the ground and exposing them to adequate amounts of air and sunlight. The trellis works as a step-ladder for the beans, allowing them to cli... Read More »

What is a pole bean plant?

Pole bean plants provide food for our tables. These bean plants grow upward on vines that need to be supported by poles in order to stand up straight, hence their name. These plants may also be sup... Read More »

What type of bean is an appaloosa a pole or a bush variety?

It is more of a bush type, growing to about 2 feet in height with short runners.

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