How to Make a Plastic Dinosaur?

Answer From the towering tyrannosaurus rex to the turkey-sized velociraptor, dinosaurs that roamed the earth long ago still inspire a sense of awe in many children. Making a plastic dinosaur craft project... Read More »

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Does a Dinosaur Chase You on the Dinosaur Ride at Disney World?

Dinosaur is an indoor thrill ride in the Animal Kingdom Park at Disney World. While the dinosaurs featured throughout the ride move, they do not actually chase the transport vehicle in which passen... Read More »

What is the difference between a male dinosaur and a female dinosaur?

It all depends on the what dinosaur it is, for some the males have big colourful crust and big spines on the back to impress females, others it's as simple as the male is larger.

What was the name of the dinosaur in episode 28 of dinosaur king?

How to Make a 3D Dinosaur Head?

Have you ever watched "Jurassic Park" or "Walking with Dinosaurs" and find yourself wondering...How in the world do I do that? Well, now's your chance. You may not be able to animate your 3D model,... Read More »