How to Make a Plastic Bag Bomb?

Answer Have you ever wanted to be a public annoyance in a half legal way? If so read on, if not then why are you on this page,reading this sentence this very moment?

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How to Make a Bomb Bag?

NO! this is not an actual Bomb, but it is loud enough to fool you that its a real bomb. To make this you will need materials that you already have lying around your house.

How to Make a Cmd Bomb?

This is how to make a cmd bomb, a tool that shuts off a computer. It can be used it for pranks, or maybe even something purposeful.

How to Make a Can Bomb?

This article will tell you how to make a soda can explode.

How to Make a "Bomb" With Dry Ice?

Ever wanted to make a loud noise with some household items? Well, if you have the time, this will fit you needs!