How to Make a Pink Sugar Scented Lotion?

Answer If you like the playful scent of Pink Sugar lotion, but do not want to pay the price for it, then you need to know how easy it is to make. All you need are a few supplies, a work area and a little ... Read More »

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How to Turn Scented Lotion Into a Scented Body Spray?

Usually people buy scented body spray with a matching scented lotion only to end up using the spray more often and then end up having extra scented lotion left over. Here is how to turn that lotion... Read More »

How to Make Scented Lotion Socks?

Lotion socks are socks that contain moisturizing lotion in the material. Some of these socks contain scented lotion. The most common variety of lotion socks have lotion added to the sock's yarn, bu... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Scented Body Lotion?

Buying fragranced body lotions from specialty stores can get pretty pricey. Why not pamper your skin and your wallet by purchasing an unscented lotion base and adding your own designer scent? It's ... Read More »

How to Make Scented Geranium Sugar?

Sweetened sugars are a special treat for adding to hot and cold drinks or for using in baking. This recipe uses scented geraniums (pelargoniums). The type you use is up to you such as rose, ginger,... Read More »