How to Make a Phone Call & Hide Who Is Calling?

Answer When you call a caller ID-equipped phone, your name and phone number are displayed. If you are concerned about displaying this, you can use a special code to block your information on a per-call ba... Read More »

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Is it true that if you touch *66 after an annoying phone call the person calling can never call you again?

no!! not true!*66 Busy Call Return.......... that what *66 is used for....

IIn general, if I call my phone company and ask them to block a phone # from calling me can they do it?

tired of kind jafari kalling u now lol naw im kidding sure as long as its a landline if its a cell then they cant u need to know that person cell phone company but at the most all they are really g... Read More »

How do you hide your phone number when calling someone?

if your phone provider lets you do it....dial *67 and then the number.!!

How to Call From a Cell Phone Using an International Calling Card?

Perhaps you want to make an overseas call, but you don't want to have to pay the large fees associated with one while using your mobile phone. One solution is to get an inexpensive international ca... Read More »