How to Make a Perfume at Home with Simple Ingredients?

Answer Preparing a perfume at home is not that difficult and requires only few ingredients. Homemade perfumes can also be used as gifts. There are a number of recipes available to make homemade perfume. H... Read More »

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What Ingredients Make Perfume Last a Long Time?

Perfumers call the ingredients used to make a scent last "fixatives." Whether synthetic or natural, perfume fixatives hold a scent together and keep it from fleeing once the liquid evaporates on th... Read More »

How to Make Shampoo Out of Simple Ingredients?

Homemade shampoos can save you money and are fun to make. You will be surprised at how quickly you can make your own shampoo with only a few ingredients. You can add your own natural fragrances and... Read More »

How to Make Simple Truffles (Three Ingredients)?

This recipe is so easy; you will end up with very simple but very tasty truffles based on only three ingredients!

How to Make a Posh Dessert out of Simple Ingredients?

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