How to Make a Peanut Butter Parfait Ice Cream Cone?

Answer This delicious peanut-butter parfait ice cream cone is easy to make. It's ideal for dessert or a snack treat on a warm day.

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Can you make marshmallow cream fudge using peanut butter&chocolate chips?

You can add chocolate chips and peanut butter to make a marshmallow cream fudge. Simply add them in after the sugar, butter and milk have been combined and melted, at the same time you add in the m... Read More »

Does peanut butter make you fat i love peanut butter and jelly.?

In reality, it is the jelly that you eat with it. It would take a lot of peanut butter to make you gain weight. The answer, without all the hype and hog wash, is no, not alone.

How to Microwave Peanut Butter Fudge Marshmallow Cream?

Making your own delicious desserts at home gives you the ability to experiment with different flavored ingredients. Peanut butter fudge and marshmallow cream blend well to create a smooth and fluff... Read More »

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