How to Make a Parcheesi Board?

Answer The goal of Parcheesi is to move each of your four pegs around the rectangular spaces of the game board and into their Home space. You can make your own Parcheesi board to use when you play the gam... Read More »

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Who makes Parcheesi?

Two companies make Parcheesi as of April 2010. Winning Moves makes the classic, "retro" edition. Milton Bradley, wholly owned by Hasbro, makes newer editions. Selchow & Righter also used to make a... Read More »

Who invented the game Parcheesi?

The board game Parcheesi was first copyrighted in the U.S. by E.G. Selchow & Company in 1869; Hasbro, Inc. owns the license in 2010. Parcheesi is based on an ancient Indian game of chance and skill... Read More »

When was Parcheesi invented?

Parcheesi is based on an Indian game called Pachisi, which may have been invented in the fourth century. Parcheesi was first copyrighted in 1869, by E.G. Selchow & Co., and in 1874 by the E.G. Selc... Read More »

Instructions for Playing Parcheesi?

Parcheesi dates back hundreds of years to the country of India. Known variants include "Ludo," "Game of India" and "Pollyanna." Similar to the "Sorry!" board game, Parcheesi is all about getting yo... Read More »