How to Make a Paper Halo Gun?

Answer Halo is a popular console shooting game that takes place in a science fiction world. The game incorporates many unique weapons and guns that fans of the game have come to know and love. Making a re... Read More »

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How to Make a Halo Plasma Pistol out of Paper and Tape?

Ever wanted to make one of these? Here's how.

How wuch money does the halo creators make from halo?

A lot, and even more if they made it for ps3 as well

How to Make Paper Beads With Stickyback Paper and Normal Paper?

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How to Make Halo Halo?

Literally translated, it means "Mix-Mix" in Filipino. It is a refreshing and elegant mid-afternoon snack/beverage, a far cry from the regular cookies and milk fare, always served in a tall glass wi... Read More »