How to Make a Noise With a Synth?

Answer A synth is a type of keyboard played like a guitar. The common name for a synth of this type is keytar. One model of synth you may have is an AX-Synth, manufactured by Roland. You can use this inst... Read More »

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Why isn't my iphone making any noises the only noise it makes is when my iPod songs are on but no noise when calls no noise when texts and no noise with games what do you think is wrong with it?

on the side of your iphone make sure that the slide button is not orange make sure it is either white or gray...if it is orange slide it the other way...when it is orange it is on viberate...also m... Read More »

Why is my computer making annoying buzzing noise How do I not make it make noise?

um well running a lot of programs does notnecessarilyy do that but its bad to run a lot of programs at once depending on how fast or how much RAM your computer has. Anyway as computers age...things... Read More »

How to Clean a Vintage Synth?

The first synthesizer was created in 1876 by Elisha Gray, who also created a prototype of the telephone. In the midst of his work on the telephone, Gray accidentally stumbled upon a single-note osc... Read More »

Will synth keyboard work in garageband?