How to Make a Ninja Clan?

Answer Have you ever wanted your own ninja clan? You will want to create real missions, exciting operations, and to make valuable assists to justice and evil? It's not easy, but is worth the effort. Seek ... Read More »

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How to Start a Modern Ninja Clan?

Learn to create an organized clan ninja. They existed in ancient Japan and can easily be recreated.

How to Recruit More People into your Clan in Clan Wars on RuneScape?

AdvertisingHave you ever tried to make a massive clan in Clan Wars, but failed? Does it annoy you when they keep spamming "Challenge already!"?This how-to article will help you solve these problems.

How to Utilize Your Clan in Clan Wars in RuneScape?

AdvertisingTired of losing wars way too easily? Try this and you might see a change in clan performance.

How to Make a Clan on Animal Jam?

Seen those clans on animal jam, Visited them and thought "Wow, I'd like my own clan!"? Well, you've come to the right place!