How to Make a Newsletter Using Adobe PageMaker 7?

Answer PageMaker was the original desktop publishing software package. Introduced in 1985 for the Apple Macintosh, it became the “killer app” that pushed both PageMaker and the Mac to the forefront of... Read More »

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What is Adobe Pagemaker?

Adobe Pagemaker is a graphic design software program that allows users to create a variety of types of publications. As of March 2010, the most recent release of Adobe Pagemaker is version 7.Functi... Read More »

What is an Alternative to Adobe Pagemaker?

PageMaker is a legacy graphic design now produced by Adobe, Inc. The latest version is 7.0, but product development has been discontinued.Major FeaturesPageMaker is designed to combine text and gr... Read More »

How do I book on Adobe Pagemaker?

Select FilesOpen Adobe PageMaker. Select “Book” from the “Utilities” menu. Browse to the folder that contains the documents for the book. It makes it easier if all of the documents are in t... Read More »

Does Adobe PageMaker 6.5 work on Windows?

Adobe PageMaker 6.5 is compatible with the two types of Windows operating systems: Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. It also supports both Power Macintosh and Macintosh.References:Adobe: P... Read More »