How to Make a New Folder on a Computer?

Answer Folders are the best way to organize and store your data. They provide a hierarchy of storage bins that hold all your data. But how can you organize this data, by adding folders. Learn how!

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How to Make an Idiot Folder on Your Computer?

Is their someone you know who is really nosy and who loves to nose around on your computer? Here is a way to scare them out of being nosy.

Why I can't create folder on computer name as CON?

CON is a command in DOS (command prompt)...In MS-DOS, several special "device files" were available to aid in performing certain tasks, such as clearing the screen or deleting extraneous output fro... Read More »

How do i lock a folder on my xp computer.?

try creating a user account for your os and then kiding the file gl

How do I access the Computer folder?

ShortcutPress and hold the "Windows" key on your keyboard while pressing the "E" key once to open the "Computer" folder without having to navigate any menus. The Computer folder is used to explore ... Read More »