How to Make a Mustache Connect to a Beard?

Answer Connecting a mustache to a beard can be challenging, due to the fact that every person is born with a different genetic makeup. Where others seem to excel in beard growing, you may be left to shave... Read More »

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How to Make a Mustache & Beard Look Thicker?

Beards and mustaches are popular facial hair styles for men. Different lengths and thickness fit different facial shapes. A common frustration among many men is a lack of thickness in their beard o... Read More »

How to Cut the Mustache & Beard on a Labradoodle?

Breeders created the labradoodle by mating a labrador retriever with a poodle. A labradoodle’s hair appears either soft or wiry and can form curls or grow straight. This breed’s hair grows year... Read More »

How to Trim Your Beard and Mustache?

Looking sharp never goes out of style. Whether you keep it short or long, styled or not, your beard is always growing. Dealing with this hair growth in a safe and sanitary manner is a necessity. A ... Read More »

Beard & Mustache Growth in Men?

Beard and mustache growth first occurs in most males during the process of physical maturity into adulthood known as puberty and continues for the rest of adult life. Beards and mustaches can be cu... Read More »