How to Make a Multiple Potato Light?

Answer Certain fruits and vegetables, including potatoes and all the citrus fruits, contain juice that is a natural version of the electrolyte added to commercial batteries. Unlike commercial batteries, t... Read More »

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Can I use stale potato chips to make potato chip cookies?

The bag of stale potato chips that nobody is munching on anymore can most certainly be used to bake up a batch of potato chip cookies. The best part of using the bottom of an old bag is that the ch... Read More »

How to film multiple shots with multiple cameras and make it look in sequence and smooth?

Generally no. Occasionally when there are expensive effects like explosions where cars, buildings or other structures are destroyed they use multiple cameras. Minor stunts are rehearsed and planned... Read More »

Sweet Potato Baked Potato Or Boiled Potato Which from this list do you like better?

Whether baked potato or sweet potato is too close to call..and boiled isn't bad, either.

Do the most potato sprouts grow in the light or in the dark?

Seed potatoes send up several sprouts after being exposed to a warm, well lit area for a few days. Grocery store bought potatoes are treated to inhibit sprouting. Exposure to light causes more spro... Read More »