How to Make a Motion in a Board of Directors?

Answer While they should follow a strict structure, board meetings can get out of control. When emotions get involved, meetings can steer straight into chaos. Knowing the proper procedure for making a mo... Read More »

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How to Properly Make a Motion at a Board of Directors Meeting?

Many times at a Board of Directors Meeting things get off track and then motions and procedures are not properly followed. The following is the six steps on how to properly make a motion at a Board... Read More »

Can the president of the board of directors of a homeowners association make a motion and also vote?

Your answer depends on the contents of your governing documents and the state law that governs not only the association, but the form of the corporation that your association fits within, such as t... Read More »

Is it legal to maintain an hoa without a board of directors board members terms were up may 2010 and meeting to vote on a new board was canceled by them you have a management co following them?

Read your governing documents to understand how long elected directors serve when no annual meeting takes place. As well, read there whether or not an annual meeting 'shall' take place, and the age... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Board of Directors&a Board of Trustees?

Essentially, there is no difference between a board of directors and a board of trustees. According to, both groups "describe the same governing body of a nonprofit" or organization... Read More »