How to Make a Mind Map on the Computer?

Answer Mind mapping is a way of visually representing and developing ideas. Using mind mapping instead of conventional linear note taking or writing structures your information in a way that more closely ... Read More »

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What is there to do on the computer when your bored out of your mind?

Absolutely nothing. The computer creates the boredom you are experiencing. Turn off the computer and get out of the house, even if it's only into your own backyard to look at the stars. Read a boo... Read More »

Is computer faster than human mind?

No.The fact that computers can do things like math quicker than humans is just because their "brains" are specifically designed for it, unlike a human's. However, our brains are much more complex.... Read More »

Artificial Intelligence — could a computer have a mind?

Hi sweetie.In my humble and all too human estimation I would have to say no.Why? The mind is connected to the etereal spiritual essence of what is our spirit, self awareness and emotional abilities... Read More »

If i said the words "Computer hacker / Virus Maker ".... What ONE WORD comes to mind..?

Can't use that sort of language on here..but it starts with and D and ends in head...